The followings are Incorporated Association GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE “GGC” measures taken for the protection of personal information of its customers.

Establishment July 09, 2014
Incorporated Association GUNDAM GLOBAL CHALLENGE
Representative Director Yasuo Miyakawa

Handling of Personal Information

Purposes of Use of Personal Information

GGC will use personal information of its customers to the extent necessary to achieve the following purposes.

  • 1. To verify the identity of customers of GGC when they use its services.
  • 2. To inform the customers of GGC about its services and products, campaign, and to send surveys and direct mails.
  • 3. To send GGC products and premiums;
  • 4. To respond to inquiries from the customers of GGC.
  • 5. To use such personal information (including the footage identifiable which has been shot at shows, events, or location tests) as a material for research, development, sale of GGC products.
  • 6. To achieve the purpose specified separately in the specific situation where GGC. has obtained such personal information (if any).


In order to provide our customers with improved services, cookies may be used on websites operated by GGC. These cookies will not breach customers' privacy. Each website where cookies are used will clearly indicate the purpose of use of such cookies respectively in advance. Depending on the browser you use, you may be able to change its settings so as to inactivate the cookie function. As a consequence however you may not be able to access some or any of the services provided on our web pages.

Links to other websites

GGC accepts no liability for the handling of personal information of its customers which has been provided to a third party at such party's websites that are linked to websites operated by GGC.

Provision of Personal Information of Minors

In case GGC intends to obtain personal information from minors, it will do so after obtaining the consent of their legal representatives as necessary.

Inquiries concerning personal information

For any inquiries or requests concerning your personal information (such as a request to our company to disclose, correct, stop the use of, delete your personal information or to notify you of the intended use of your personal information), please contact the department below for further details.

Please contact us from the inquiry form

July 09, 2014
Chief Privacy Officer