Evolving G Corporation (hereafter, "the Company") takes the following measures to protect personal information.

  1. The Company complies with relevant laws, regulations and other rules in our handling of customer's personal information.
  2. When obtaining the personal information of customers, the Company does so in a lawful and fair manner, does not obtain it by illegal methods, and notifies and discloses the purpose of use to customers who are the subject of the personal information. Furthermore, if it becomes necessary to use it beyond the scope of the purpose of use, notice will be given again in advance of the new purpose of use and customer consent gained prior to use.
  3. The Company shall take appropriate measure to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and/or leaks of the personal information of customers.
  4. The Company may outsource the handling of personal information to external party(ies) in part or whole. In such case, the Company shall conclude contract(s) necessary with the contractor and maintain appropriate supervision.
  5. After first verifying the person's identity, the Company shall respond appropriately in accordance with the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information" and company rules to customer requests, such as the disclosure, correction, termination of use, or deletion of their personal information as long as the requesting customer is the very person to whom such personal information belong.
  6. The Company shall not disclose personal information to any 3rd party, except in the following cases (This excludes specific personal information under the Act on the use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures (My Number Act)).
    1. (1) If the customer gives his/her consent
    2. (2) If information is disclosed in a state that precludes the identification of the customer (statistical data, etc.)
    3. (3) If based on the "Act on the Protection of Personal Information"
    4. (4) If legally ordered to disclose or submit the information by a judicial or administrative body
  7. The Company shall constantly review and improve its efforts to protect personal information

Evolving G Corporation
Administrator of Privacy Policy

Handling of Personal Information

Purposes of Use of Personal Information
The Company uses personal information to the extent required to achieve the following purposes.
  1. Reservation, Sale and Provision of Tickets, Products and Services
  2. In relation to the foregoing, confirming the identify of customers when using the services of the Company (including confirming the identify of customers when entering Gundam Factory Yokohama)
  3. Sending information on tickets, products and services of the Company, as well as about campaigns, questionnaires and direct mailings
  4. For user support and handling inquiries
  5. In the case of taking images of shows, events, location tests, etc. (including images in which individuals can be identified), for use in materials for product research, development and sales
  6. In addition, in the event that the Company notifies the purpose of use to individuals when personal information is obtained, for achieving that purpose
Use of Cookies
The website(s) operated by the Company may use cookies in order to improve services for our customers. Some browsers allow cookie settings to be changed and to disable cookie functions, but doing so may also disable some or all services of the website. The Company may use cookies for the following purposes.
Google Analytics Advertising Functions
The Company may use cookies in conjunction with the following advertising functions of Google Analytics.
  • Google Analytics remarketing
  • Google display network impression reports
  • Google Analytics reports on demographics and interest categories
  • Integrated services that require Google Analytics for collecting data for advertising purposes (including data collection using advertising cookies and identifiers)
The Company may also use Google Analytics cookies in combination with 3rd party cookies, such as DoubleClick cookies to advertise and analyze websites (such as creating remarketing user lists or displaying reports on user demographics and interest categories).
Google Analytics advertising functions can be disabled via the Google Analytics opt-out add on.
Cross Device Linkage
The Company may perform cross device linking by combining the data (including cookies) collected via the websites we operate with the data (including advertising IDs, such as IDFA, AdID) via the apps we operate.
Links to Other Websites
The Company bears no responsibility for customers' personal information on 3rd party websites linked to the websites we operate.
Provision of Personal Information of Underage Customers
If underage customers are asked to provide personal information, the consent of their parent/guardian may be required.
Inquiries about Personal Information
Please direct inquiries related to personal information to the following.


*Only inquiries about personal information can be addressed.
Requests for Disclosure of Personal Information
To make a request for disclosure (disclosure, notification of purpose of use, correction, suspension of use, deletion) fill out the required items of the form titled "Request for Disclosure of Personal Information," make a copy of one form of ID, such as driver's license, passport, health insurance ID card, etc. (If your permanent legal address and/or medical records are on the ID, blank out that information when making a copy) and send them by post in the same envelope.

Also, if the request is being made by a legal representative or agent, enclose the necessary documentation described in "Request for Disclosure of Personal Information."

Request for Disclosure of Personal Information

Request for Disclosure of Personal Information/ Notification of Purpose of Use (156KB)
Request for Termination of Use of Personal Information (152KB)

*Adobe Reader is required to view documents in the PDF format.
*If unable to download the document(s), use your web browser to download from the following URL.
Handling Fee
Customers are charged a separate fee for disclosures of personal information and notification of purpose of use. Corrections, termination of use and deletions are free of charge.

Handling Fee Amount: 800 yen per request
Payment Method: Please enclose a postal money order (issued by the post office) when sending the Request for Disclosure of Personal Information.

White Base, Fujisawa Bldg,4-30-16, Ogikubo, Suginami-ku, Tokyo, 167-0051 Japan
Evolving G Corporation, ATTN: Office of Personal Information

An appropriate response may not be possible if the Request for Disclosure of Personal Information form is not fully and accurately filled out.
Personal information provided by the customer on the Request for Disclosure of Personal Information form shall be used for responding appropriately to the customer request for disclosure, etc., and will be stored for a strictly limited period of time.
Please note that if customer identity cannot be verified, it becomes impossible to return the request form and any attachments.
My Number
Regardless of the stipulations of the "Privacy Policy" and "Handling of Personal Information," personal information that includes the so-called "My Number" (Specific Personal Information) will be handled appropriately according to relevant laws, regulations and other rules.