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Gundam-Dock, a deck which houses the Moving Gundam and where maintenance checks are done. Visitors can see the Moving Gundam up close from a special viewing platform Gundam-Dock Tower (fees apply).
The Gundam activates twice every hour.


This is the Gundam Factory Yokohama official shop open to Gundam fans worldwide. Various original goods are sold here, such as original Gunpla, goods in collaboration with Yokohama, official pamphlets, and merchandise that you won't find anywhere else.


Come to our limited-time café and feast on Gundam Factory Yokohama's original menu, local gourmet food unique to Yokohama, as well as goods only sold here.


This is a communication space for talk shows, lectures, research presentations, and workshops. We also carry out linked projects with companies, research institutes, and schools.


The development process of the Moving Gundam, its design, structure, and mechanisms are introduced using panels and videos, plus a hands-on experience corner. It is an exhibition facility where there is fun in learning.

  • Please be aware that contents and operation in the Gundam-Lab Academy may be changed or cancelled without prior notice.
  • Food, drinks, strollers, umbrellas, and selfie sticks are strictly prohibited at the Gundam-Dock Tower. We humbly ask for your cooperation.
  • Keep an eye on strollers or wheelchairs. Do not leave valuables or luggage (including souvenirs) unattended.
  • Please be aware that the viewing dock and other facilities may be subject to photography. In such cases, the photos may be used for news, advertisements, promotions, and products.
  • Public transportation is recommended when visiting the facility.
  • Parking is not available in the facility and discounts are not offered by nearby parking facilities.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the premises.
  • Crime syndicate members and related entities or parties are strictly prohibited.
  • Gundam Factory Yokohama reserves the right to refuse entry if there is a risk of inconvenience to other visitors, or if the visitor/s do not wish to cooperate to its rules and regulations.
  • The organizers, co-organizers, supporters, cooperators, collaborators, operating companies and/or any related parties shall not be held responsible for any accident caused by a visitor's carelessness unless such parties are obligated to compensate for damages according to the applicable laws and regulations.
  • The following rules are strictly prohibited.
    • Transfer/exchange of tickets between related parties and/or exchange of cash associated with them.
    • Sale and display of goods, etc.
    • Distribution of pamphlets, etc.
    • Rallies, protests, demonstrations, etc.
    • Filming for commercial purposes and filming that infringes copyright
    • Filming and/or live streaming that may be a nuisance to other visitors
    • Wearing inappropriate clothing, or clothing that displays tattoos, etc.
    • Wearing full face masks, helmets or headgear that prevent facial identification at the entrance and while using the facilities.
    • Using auxiliary equipment such as monopods, tripods, and selfie sticks (excluding handy-sized grip attachments).
    • Running inside the facility
    • Smoking *Smoking and drinking by persons under the age of 20 is prohibited by law.
    • Acts of climbing or hanging down decorations or fences etc.
    • Feeding or touching wild animals such as birds
    • Any act that interferes with the operation of Gundam Factory Yokohama and related facilities.
  • Please hydrate to prevent heatstroke.
  • Please refrain from coming too early at the facility.
Prohibited Items
  • Sharp objects, explosives, items generally called dangerous materials (including models), and items that may cause harm to other visitors.
  • Drones, radio-controlled toys, etc.
  • Skateboards, kickboards, etc.
  • Alcoholic beverages, cans, glass bottles, food from outside
  • Pets and animals (excluding assistance dogs)
  • Other items that may cause inconvenience to other visitors

You can bring candy, gum, or snacks for small children, food and drinks for people with food allergies, water bottles, and PET bottles into the facility.

Health and Safety Measures

We are taking thorough measures for health and safety protocols inside the Gundam Factory Yokohama, such as regular wiping of shops, Café and other facilities.

Guidelines for Visitors

  • We ask for you cooperation in maintaining cleanliness through handwashing and disinfection. Hand sanitizers have been placed at different locations in the whole facility. Please sanitize and/or wash your hands diligently.


  • At the time of payment, please use the tray provided at the cash register when giving or receiving cash.
  • If you feel unwell after entering the venue, you may be asked to leave, depending on your symptoms.
  • If you feel sick after entering the venue, please immediately contact the First Aid Room or the staff.
    In the event of an emergency, we will cooperate with the health administration and medical institutions (e.g. a health center) and take immediate measures to ensure the health and safety of our visitors and staff.
  • About our staff's initiatives
    • All staff and related personnel undergo a body temperature and health check before work starts. Any staff who is unwell will be asked to recuperate at home.
    • Our staff practice hand washing and disinfection and maintain social distancing with visitors except in cases of need.
  • People who fall under the following must refrain from visiting.
    • If you have a fever of 37.5°C or higher, cold symptoms, or other infectious disease.​
    • Those who have close contact with people who are positive for COVID-19 infection.
    • Those with family members or close acquaintances suspected of having the infection.
    • Those who have been instructed by the goverment to undergo a period of post-entry quarantine.​

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation so that all our visitors can have a pleasant and comfortable time.