The Gundam Factory Yokohama has plenty of attractions catering to all earthlings, including a café, souvenir shops, and an exhibition room with fun information on how the Gundam moves.
Here are several ways to appreciate the sights and activities available in this facility.

Original Goods +
Capture Memorable Photos

Buy original merchandise only sold here and enjoy taking memorable photos with the Moving Gundam that has various poses for each performance.

Indulge in Original Food Items!

At the Gundam Café Yokohama Satellite, you can delight in our exclusive menu that features a unique cuisine developed in collaboration with stores in Yokohama, all while enjoying the view of the Moving Gundam from the terrace seating.

Limited Edition Products

Go on a shopping spree for various original products, consisting of mainly limited edition Gunplas and products developed in collaboration with stores in Yokohama, official pamphlets, and other items that can only be found here.

Check out the Moving Gundam
Up Close and Personal!

One of Gundam Factory Yokohama's top attractions is the Gundam-Dock Tower, where you can check out the moving, life-size Gundam up close and personal!
On the 5th floor, you can see the body of the Moving Gundam up close, while on the 6th floor, you can view the breathtaking Moving Gundam at the same eye level as the robot.
You will also get a unique picturesque view of Yokohama from the tower.

A separate fee will be charged in addition to the entrance fee.

Enjoy the Moving Gundam from Various Angles!

Depending on your viewing angle and the timeframe, you will get to enjoy the Moving Gundam in various ways.
(Click the icon to see a photo)

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