Archax and SR-02 Exhibitions

Presenting the next frontier for the director of the Gundam Global Challenge – a pioneering initiative dedicated to advancing the Moving Gundam. Behold the showcase of Archax, a ride-on robot crafted by Tsubame Industries Co., Ltd., and the SR-02, a four-legged ride designed by Sansei Technologies, Inc. Join us at GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA starting December 16 to witness these cutting-edge innovations.

Boarding Robot Archax

Exhibition Period:
Saturday, December 16 - Sunday, December 24
From opening until 16:45
The demonstration of robot operation is scheduled once an hour.
*Please check the calendar for opening hours, as they vary from day to day.
*The exhibition may be canceled in case of rain or strong wind.

ARCHAX, a passenger-type robot developed by Tsubame Industries Co., Ltd., represents a significant leap in robotics innovation. CTO Akinori Ishii, who also serves as the Technical Director of the Gundam Global Challenge, harnessed the technology of the Moving Gundam to bring Archax to life.
This remarkable creation fulfills the childhood dream of many—to actually ride and control a large robot straight out of science fiction. Standing at 4.5 meters and weighing 3.5 tons, this fully electric robot houses a battery within its body. With 26 joints and operational arms, hands, waist, head, and front legs, Archax features front-wheel steering and rear-wheel drive for seamless movement.
Inside the torso is a cockpit, controlled by a joystick and pedals, with camera images displayed on a four-sided screen. The robot seamlessly transitions between robot mode, allowing full-body control, and vehicle mode, specialized for driving.
With the vision of establishing a new market for boarding robots, Archax is now open for orders, catering not only to the Japanese market but also extending its availability to international customers.

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Quadruped Walking Robot SR-02

Exhibition Period:
Saturday, December 16 and Sunday, December 17
Demonstration hours:
Hours: From opening until 18:00
The demonstration will take place approximately once an hour.
*Please check the calendar for opening hours as they may vary from day to day.
*The exhibition may be canceled in case of rain or strong wind.

SR-02 is a quadruped walking robot ride developed by Sansei Technologies, Inc. The robot control system, named V-Sido, is provided by Asratec Corporation under the guidance of Wataru Yoshizaki, the system director for the Gundam Global Challenge.
V-Sido's capabilities extend beyond the SR-02, being integral to the life-sized Moving Gundam, where its software ensures fluid and graceful full-body movements. Hidetaka Tenjin, with his diverse expertise, including Gunpla package art, is the mastermind behind the captivating exterior design of this cutting-edge robot.
The prototype machine currently under development measures approximately 3.4 meters in length, 1.6 meters in width, and 2.7 meters in height, and is capable of walking and moving with four people on board.
The SR-02 boasts a spectrum of movements, encompassing walking (forward/backward/right/left turns), bending actions for boarding and disembarking, rolling, and pitching. Anticipated applications range from amusement and recreation facilities to exhibitions and demonstrations at various event venues.

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*Bandai Namco Group is not directly involved in the production of Archax and SR-02.