The exhibition period is extended until March 31, 2024!

"Moving Gundam" Commentary for groups and Customized Online Backyard Tours will Continue!

Evolving G Corporation (Head office: Suginami Ward, Tokyo, CEO: Shin Sasaki) has extended the GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA (GFY) operation until March 31, 2024.

After consulting with Yokohama City and concerned parties, the decision on the extension was made owing to the enthusiastic requests of many people who couldn't visit the facility due to the continued impact of COVID-19 in 2022.

There are plans to continue holding activities through GFY such as continuing to showcase the ever-popular "Moving Gundam" light-up at night in spring.
(Check out the official website for more details.)



The "Moving Gundam" Commentary and the Customized Online Backyard Group Tour will Continue

Since November 2021, GFY has been offering programs to elementary and junior high school students, allowing them to learn and experience first-hand how a life-sized "Moving Gundam" works to arouse their interest in mechanical engineering. As of January 31, 2023, 3,738 students from 53 schools have already participated in the programs.

In addition, the "Moving Gundam" commentary for companies, organizations, and groups offered since last fall will continue, including customized online backyard tours. Any further changes to the event will be announced on the official website.

Various programs are in the works to entertain those who have yet to visit and those who already have, so please enjoy the life-sized "Moving Gundam" to the fullest.