GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA ONLINE TOUR Backyard Tour mission0<English Subtitles>


This tour will allow you to participate in a live chat session while watching videos of past Mission 0 (Zero) events. You can watch it from abroad. (Except for some areas)

GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA ONLINE TOUR Backyard Tour mission0 Special edition version<English Subtitles>

Commentary: GCC Technical Director Akinori Ishii

A moving Gundam is on display at the GUNDAM FACTORY YOKOHAMA located in Yamashita-Futo in Kanagawa Prefecture’s Yokohama City. GFY offers two online tours for those who are unable to visit the area.
There’s the DAY TOUR, which introduces the basics of the facility with a commentary on the daytime exhibition of the moving Gundam so even those who aren’t familiar with the anime can enjoy, and the BACKYARD TOUR, which takes visitors into the GUNDAM-DOCK that houses the Gundam and is only accessible by maintenance staff, where a commentary is provided by a director involved in the production.
For both tours, viewers can ask questions via chat during the livestream, to which a director will provide an answer on the spot.

This time, we will take a look at a recording of the BACKYARD TOUR mission0 held on May 8 with Director Ishii while providing commentary and accepting questions via live chat. For this occasion, we've specially edited the facility overview part, too.

Film: 90 minutes <English Subtitles>

*This film is an edited version of a tour recorded on May 8 (Sat.) and August21 (Sat.) in Japan.

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